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Planning To Drop Several Dress Sizes Pre-Wedding? How Should You Select Your Dress?

Many brides-to-be would like to lose a few pounds before the big day -- but if you're a determined bride who plans to drop multiple dress sizes before your wedding, you may need to put some extra thought into your dress selection. Choosing a style that's difficult to alter could have you searching for a replacement dress (or a talented seamstress) at the last minute. Read on for some tips and tricks to selecting your bridal gown before you've dropped the weight. 

Start looking early -- even if you're not near your goal weight

For those who are planning double (or even triple) digit weight loss before walking down the aisle, trying on dresses at your current size can be discouraging. However, many bridal shops will require you to order your dress months in advance of your wedding, so waiting until you've hit a weight that makes you feel comfortable could significantly limit your dress selection or require you to pay a premium for last-minute shipping. Even if you'd like to wait to try on dresses, you may want to contact a few local bridal shops, such as Bridal Elegance, to inquire about scheduling to ensure you don't miss any critical deadlines.

Select a style that can withstand multiple alterations

By choosing a style of dress that can be altered easily, you'll ensure you're covered whether you lose a little or a lot of weight. Ultra-fitted styles or those made from solid satin can be difficult to alter in a way that isn't visible from certain angles, and paying to alter these tricky fabrics can be pricey.

Choosing a dress with a looser skirt (like a princess style) or one with a gauzy overlay can allow your seamstress to make multiple alterations without significantly changing the style or shape of your dress. These styles also tend to accentuate the areas you may want to highlight, like your bust or shoulders.

Schedule several fittings beginning months before your wedding

Having fittings scheduled at regular intervals beginning several months before your wedding will not only ensure that your seamstress has ample time to make needed alterations, but it can help give you the accountability you need to stick to your diet and exercise regimen. Knowing you'll be expected to try on a smaller wedding dress every few weeks leading up to your wedding should keep you on track and ensure you'll be able to meet your goals.