Home Care –The Nutritional Value of Rice in a Senior’s Diet

Home Care –The Nutritional Value of Rice in a Senior’s Diet

Rice is one of the most commonly used foods worldwide. Almost every nation includes rice in their menus, and in some cultures, it is the main ingredient in most meals.

At least a dozen types of rice provide different textures, tastes and nutritional value. Brown and wild rice contain the whole grain, meaning that both the germ and the bran of the grain are preserved. Consequently, brown and wild rice are considered healthier because they contain more nutrients and fiber. In contrast, white varieties of rice have the germ and bran of the grain polished away, which diminishes their nutritional profile and increases their glycemic load, or impact on blood sugar levels. Talk to a nutritionist about the benefits and potential drawbacks of adding more rice to your diet.”


Facts about Eating Rice

Some of the most commonly used types of rice include:

White rice comes in long-grain and short-grain varieties. Jasmin and Basmati are long-grain, and with them, the cooked grains are drier and do not clump together. The short-grain rice becomes softer after cooking, and that makes it ideal for sushi, different risotto dishes. It can be mixed into stews and chilli. White rice consists mostly of carbohydrate, around 90%, 8% protein and 2% fat. It is a good source of iron, folic acid, magnesium, thiamine and niacin.

Brown rice also comes in long-grain and short-grain varieties. It contains less starch, so it takes longer to cook than white rice. Brown rice is also high-fibre food, and it contains four times more fibre. Fibre is good for stabilizing blood pressure. Brown rice consists of 85% carbohydrate, 8% protein, and 7% fat.

Wild rice is sold as rice, but it technically belongs to the grass family. It is the healthiest type of rice, as it contains high amounts of protein, folic acid and vitamin A. Wild rice contains less starch, and causes less inflammatory reactions. There are many variations of wild rice, and some of them have a low number of minerals.

Rice as part of your Daily Diet

Rice is a high glycemic food, although some types are better than the others are. It is not the recommended food for diabetics because of this. White rice is the most common type, although brown and wild rice may be more healthy options. You can even find mixed bags of rice with many different grains in one, including quinoa or red rice as well.

Eating healthier is the goal of every senior and caregiver. If you want your parent to benefit from eating rice as part of a balanced meal, you should hire home care services to help plan and prepare meals as well as give assistance with other daily tasks.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services, check out the resources available at AlzheimersCareDaily.com . Tons of tips on diet, activity, and taking care of the caregiver.

In Home Care When You Are Not There

In Home Care in Houston TX – When You Can’t Be There, Home Care Can!

In Home Care HoustonThe best part of Susan’s year has always been coming home to spend the holidays with her parents and other family members. For fifteen years, her home and job kept her across the country from her parents. Visits back and forth a few times a year kept the family close. Susan noticed a decline in her parents’ health over the years but nothing too worrisome. However, between her summer and winter visits home this year, the change was profound. Dads’ arthritis in his back now necessitated the use of a walker. What we interpreted as Moms flightiness turned out to be early stage Alzheimer.

Susan was devastated but knew she needed to make some decisions. Her solution to bring her parents to live in her home so she could watch over them did not sit well with the parents. They did not want to leave the familiarity of their own home. Dad could get around all right in it and Mom felt secure there. Susan felt her only other option was to quit her job, move back to her childhood home, and look for another job. She would provide their in-home care. Her Dad would not hear of that since Susan had worked very hard for the position she held in her office.

A co-worker suggested Susan check for In Home Care Services listed in her hometown. After a few phone conversations with the service and quick on line check, Susan made an appointment with them and flew home. After meeting with the Home Care Service representative Susan felt she had a good plan for the kind and frequency of care best suited for her parents. She presented her plan to her parents, reminding them the option of moving in with her would always be open. Her parents made a few adjustments to the care schedule but otherwise agreed to accept the in-home care. Susan was thankful that she had sensible parents willing to accept provision for their care.

Susan took a short leave of absence from her job and stayed at her parents’ home to help with the transition to the in home care schedule. It turned out to be an important time because as Susan observed them in living their usual everyday life she acquired an understanding of the needs, the obstacles to those needs and their preferences regarding caregiver responsibilities and time schedule. She took time to meet their doctors and together a medical power of attorney was prepared and signed. It was a special time together that strengthened their bonds.

Susan talks to her parents every day via Skype that she set up before she left their home. She confers with their care provider regularly so she is aware of changes or concerns. She did not like the idea of her parents continuing to drive the car because of their disabilities and it surprised her when they willingly allowed their caregiver to do the driving. That alone was enough to convince her that their caregiver knew how to appeal to them without making them feel helpless or dependent. Susan visits often, just as before, but now when she leaves she does not feel cut off from their care. The In Home Care Service makes her feel informed and involved, almost as if she was right there.

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Adult Children as Providers of Elderly Care

Home Care HoustonFamilies in Houston, Is it Time to Consider Home Care Services?


Elderly care is not a task to take lightly. You work and have children at home and you may think you can squeeze care of an elderly parent into your schedule. All you have to do is check on Mom in the morning before work to make sure she is all right and has breakfast.

You will call her at lunch break and ask questions relating to her well-being.

  • Did you take your medicine?
  • Do you still have that pain in your leg?
  • Did you eat lunch?
  • What do you want for dinner?

Meanwhile, Mom is anxious to come up with the answers you want to hear because she does not want to be a bother.

After work, you stop by and help Mom get a meal started for herself. You have your list of items she needs from the store and prescriptions that are ready. Make a note to leave work early on Friday to take her to the doctor appointment. Then you rush home to help your children with homework and prepare a family dinner. At the same time, you start the laundry, both yours and Moms. Friends call and you do not even answer the phone. You have no time to talk to them.

Continuing to pursue a schedule such as this benefits no one.

Both you and Mom feel inadequate while trying to do the right thing or the expected thing. Providing elderly care under such circumstances leads to impatience and frustration. Resentment will grow along with your level of fatigue. Why do we women feel so guilty when it comes to the care of our elderly parents? Of course, we love them, we owe them, and we do not want them to think they are too much trouble. It is likely your Mom has been a working Mom and knows that while well intentioned, you are attempting the impossible.

There has been a lot of publicity of late about the negative impact on family members as caregiver. In Home Care for the Elderly Services are available in most locations. Here you will find highly trained and experienced people with an understanding of the elderly. These agencies provide so many in home services that enable elderly people to receive the quality of care they deserve. After all, that is the goal, quality care consistent with need.

Services that provide in home care for the elderly can design a level of care suitable to you and your parent. From three to twenty-four hour care is available. Skilled caregivers provide care for people with health issues such as dementia, heart or kidney disease, diabetes and limited mobility issues. The caregiver is there, in the home, with your parent seeing to their medicine, meals, grooming and transportation needs. The elderly client benefits from the companionship of someone who understands and anticipates their needs while showing respect for their dignity. In Home Care Services are licensed and insured. The caregivers have undergone background checks, including their driving history. The quality of care you want for your elderly parent is nearby.


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