The Difference Between Shyness And Social Anxiety Disorder

You've never felt comfortable around most individuals and when you do feel comfortable, it is usually around a select few whom you have a special connection with. But otherwise, your shyness feels almost debilitating. If you haven't seen a mental health professional about your anxiety, you might assume that you suffer from social anxiety disorder. However, social anxiety disorder is different from shyness and understanding these differences can help you take the best corrective action. [Read More]

Bringing Children To A Funeral: Four Ways To Make The Day Easier

Bringing children to a funeral home can be a difficult decision, but there are ways you can create a supportive and nurturing environment that makes a wake and funeral less traumatic and more comfortable for young ones. Work with the funeral home director and use these ideas to help when planning a funeral for a loved one. Create A Children's Area Many funeral homes have separate rooms where snacks can be served. [Read More]

Planning To Drop Several Dress Sizes Pre-Wedding? How Should You Select Your Dress?

Many brides-to-be would like to lose a few pounds before the big day -- but if you're a determined bride who plans to drop multiple dress sizes before your wedding, you may need to put some extra thought into your dress selection. Choosing a style that's difficult to alter could have you searching for a replacement dress (or a talented seamstress) at the last minute. Read on for some tips and tricks to selecting your bridal gown before you've dropped the weight. [Read More]

Tips Every First-Time Foster Parent Should Know

If you've been considering taking in a foster child, it can be an exciting prospect, yet intimidating at the same time. This is a whole new adventure for you, but it's also a lot of upheaval for any child in the foster care system. Whether you're still in the deciding stage or you're ready to take in your first child, there are a few key things you should be aware of. [Read More]